Date:  May 15, 2021 (Sat.)
Time:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm (HKT) 


9:00 - 10:15 am

Keynote presentation 1 (in English)

Marvin W. Berkowitz, Ph.D.

10:25 - 10:55 am

Concurrent sharing sessions / workshops

(Total 6 sessions / workshops) 

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Keynote Presentation 2 (in Putonghua)

Desheng Gao, Ph.D.

12:15 - 12:30 pm

Concluding Remarks & Closing

(Q & A)

Classroom Lecture
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Marvin W. Berkowitz, Ph.D.

Keynote 1: Six Evidence-Based Design Principles for Effectively Promoting Character Development


To be effective in nurturing the flourishing of human goodness in schools, or anywhere, it is essential to design one’s initiative following evidence-based principles and practices.  Over two decades of studying the research on character education has led to the identification of six fundamental design principles for effective character education.  Using the English anagram PRIMED, we have identified: Prioritizing character education; strategically nurturing healthy Relationships among all school stakeholders; promoting the internalization of positive values and character strengths through the use of Intrinsic motivation; Modeling the character we want to see in students; Empowering all school stakeholders to have voice in the character journey; and supporting long-term human development with a Developmental pedagogy.  This presentation will elaborate each of these design principles and provide examples of each.

About the Speaker

Dr. Marvin W. Berkowitz is McDonnell Professor of Character Education, and Co-Director of the Center for Character and Citizenship, at UMSL.  He directs the Leadership Academy in Character Education.


Born in Queens NY, he earned his BA in psychology from the SUNY Buffalo, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Life-span Developmental Psychology at Wayne State University. 


His scholarly focus is in character education and development.  He is author of You Can’t Teach Through a Rat: And Other Epiphanies for Educators (2012), Parenting for Good (2005) and more than 100 book chapters, monographs, and journal articles.  His new book is PRIMED for Character Education (April 2021).  He is founding co-editor of the Journal of Character Education. 


Dr. Berkowitz has received numerous honors, including the Sanford N. McDonnell Lifetime Achievement Award from the Character Education Partnership (2006), the Good Works Award (2010) and the Kuhmerker Career Award (2013) from the Association for Moral Education, and the University of Missouri System’s Thomas Jefferson Professorship (2011).

Beach Deck

Desheng Gao, Ph.D

Organizing and Reconstructing Children’s Experiences: Compiling National Civic Textbooks in China



About the Speaker

Desheng Gao is a distinguished professor of the “Zijiang Scholars Program” at East China Normal University. He is the former director of the Research Institute of Moral Education at Nanjing Normal University. He is currently a member of the Moral Education Subject Group of the National Office for Education Science Planning, and the vice director of the Moral Education Academic Committee of the Chinese Education Society. He has published over 100 articles and 8 books on moral education and curricula. He is known as a preeminent expert on moral education curricula, helped formulate the National Course Standard for moral education in China. He also led the development of three sets of moral education textbooks—specifically the Morality and Law textbooks—for the Ministry of Education in China due for national distribution and use in Fall 2019.


        Objectives: The key to successful textbook compilation lies in incorporating children’s experiences and facilitating their growth. This study examines the process of textbook compilation.

         Findings: Researchers have explored several approaches to organizing and reconstructing children’s experiences in preparing textbooks, including using “an experience” to awaken children’s experiences, using the expression of experience to reconstruct children’s experience, and transforming children’s “experiences” (jingyan) into lived experiences (tiyan). Another approach involves facilitating the connection and interaction between children’s experiences and those of others in order to bridge personal experience and sociocultural values. However, this can only be achieved by ensuring that textbooks reflect and are part of children’s lives. The successful incorporation of children’s experiences in textbook compilation lays the foundation for children to identify with textbooks and internalize textbook values.

         Originality and Value: Bridging the gap between children’s experience and textbooks constitutesthe primary theoretical and practical issue in textbook compilation and education. Successfully incorporating children’s experiences is also related to the legitimacy of moral education curricula. Addressing this issue, this study enhances our understanding of textbook preparation in moral education

Concurrent sharing Session / Workshop


Chris Drake


Association for Living Values Education International

Past Chair

The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education

Session 1

Giving Value to Values Education (Simultaneous interpreting for Putonghua available)


Elizabeth McLeod


Director & Co-founder Institute for Social and Emotional Learning (IFSEL)

Session 2

Simple and Profound Practices to Nurture Social and Emotional Learning


Kira Galbraith

Associate Facilitator  IFSEL

Session 2

Simple and Profound Practices to Nurture Social and Emotional Learning

AndreaBioPic (1).jpeg

Andrea Spagat

Program Director


Session 3

Resilience and empathy through personal storytelling

Ann picture.jpg

Ann Mok

Counsellor, Chinese International School; Counselling Practicum Supervisor, City University of Hong Kong

Session 4

Thriving through the Storm: fostering student development and well being in the midst of a pandemic


Rita Ching


Above and Beyond Education

Session 5

Cultivating and developing students' character strengths


Andy Sham

Approved Counselling Supervisor

Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Session 6

Narrative co-journey in rejuvenation of folk culture - Adolescent as expert and counsellor as mirror: character education in a nutshell